Karim Dahmani

Chairman of the board

25+ years of extensive experience in IT operations. 20+ years experience in leadership roles, including project management, support, creative concepts, contract negotiations, personnel recruitment and affiliate team management.

Expert in: Enterprise tools, communications, risk assessment, affiliate marketing, offshore outsourcing.

Languages (in order of fluency)English, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic

Hi! I’m Karim Dahmani, Swiss citizen born in Libya, I am an entrepreneur with an extensive background in Information Technologies (IT) and Internet marketing solutions. My IT experience dates back to 1988, but became much more involved in 1995 when I was first introduced to the “World Wide Web”. Since then, my endeavors have expanded to much more intricate concepts, including web applications, mobile apps, affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, outsourcing.

I started out online as an affiliate webmaster, building networks and maximizing profit. In 1996 I opened up a whole new line of business by introducing an internet service provider in Switzerland. An innovative and very “hands on” approach, to both life and work, have given me the opportunity to participate in different ventures around the world: in Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa, going through exciting places like Costa Rica, Panama, Estonia, Tunisia and Libya; with clients as rewarding and challenging as Ericsson, Goldman Sachs, Arctic Spas and Nokia, just to name a few.

This has had a positive impact on my people skills and my ability to work with people from multicultural backgrounds, which in turn has resulted in successfully managing teams in different time zones, languages and locations to produce optimum results in record times for various projects.

I eventually worked my way up to CEO of a white-label affiliate marketing program where I lead the development, management and support teams. I was heavily involved in creative content and architectural design ideas, handling business relations and contract negotiations with payment providers. Several of my affiliate related endeavors have reached the #1 spot on Google for relative, targeted keywords.

In the past I was also the Director of IT for StomperNet and uQast.

But I don’t just get a thrill out of building new businesses or optimizing existing ones on the web, I also thrive outdoors; in my spare time I enjoy scuba diving, working out and cooking for my friends.