Web hosting is about using a remote machine, whose only purpose is to handle every requirement and service related to everything concerning your domain, meaning websites of your own, email domain, etc. This machine is called: a web server. Depending on the service provider you choose, there will be different services available.

       Here at Systrix we have an ample experience with everything related to web hosting. We are totally able to provide you with every single detail needed to achieve an effective communication with each one of your clients.

Some services offered are:

  •         Control Panel CPANEL
  •         Email review via WebMail
  •         FTP access 24/7
  •         SMTP Email Server
  •         Password protected Directories
  •         Your own CGI directory
  •         Server Side Includes (SSI) Support
  •         Unlimited email accounts
  •         Email Redirecting
  •         Frontpage Extensions Support
  •         PERL Support
  •         PHP Support
  •         CGI Support
  •         ASP Apache Support
  •          Mod_perl Support
  •         SSH Access
  •         MySql Database

       It’s all about letting us know exactly what you need and we will take care of the rest. These are just some few services that you will be able to enjoy with the web hosting service, but there are a lot more like online file transfer via FTP, data base building, consulting visitors statistic of your web site and more.

Suiting your needs

        If you need a special configuration for your new project, do not hesitate to tell us. Systrix has the ability to make all the adjustments needed to customize your plan according to your requirements, needs and expectations.