UI/UX Design

         UI/UX design is not just about good looks, it is also getting things to work the right way.  The main objective of our UI/UX services is to provide a simple, elegant, clean and consistent design.  At Systrix we are totally capable of providing a web site with wonderful interactive and adaptable designs that will satisfy the expectations of both our clients and the end user.

We have a great amount of designers with great experience in the area.  If you are starting a new project or simply need a change on your existing web site, Systrix offers you the right team and guarantees you will receive simple navigability and versatility always.


      We create structural diagrams to illustrate the general appearance of each web site.  These diagrams represent content, functional and navigational elements, as they will be displayed in the site. This way we can focus on the design of the information in a first stage ensuring it will satisfy the expectations of the end user.

UI Design

      Once the diagrams are ready, our visual designers proceed with the final design of the site.  We enter a stage where we test different styles, colors, themes and everything related to the comfort and good appearance that the end user will be able to experience.