Community management is a role performed by a person known as community manager, who is directly related to the content and management of each website, acting as supervisor of a certain brand through several social media tools. Basically, it’s about creating every kind of information published on a website. Plus, the manager is always looking after the right
accomplishment of certain norms and keeping an eye out for its right functioning, it also strives to show an adequate appearance according to the type of information that will be handled.

      A community manager is always ahead in every technological aspect that might bring some advantages and benefits to the production of the site. He’s always monitoring the competition with the only purpose of keeping a step ahead and looking for innovation if possible. Plus, he is responsible for managing the social media tools and publishing every kind of ads and offerings that could provide the site with an extra boost to the reputation of the site, also including their services and products.

      It could be said that a community manager plays an important role in the website of any organization. Within some other functions under this manager position we can find the fact of being aware of the needs and planning of the organization, also, the manager has to address every client’s interests. Besides, he has to deal with them and, as we all know, this implies a huge responsibility, since not every person have the needed skills to do this.

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