Founded in 1999 by Karim Dahmani and Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, Systrix was instituted with one purpose: to provide low-cost and high-quality IT development services to our clients.


Systrix’s vast experience on the U.S., European and Latin American Information Technology markets empower us to deliver a wide range of personalized high-quality services to all our clients. We have done business with Internet marketing luminaries such as Mark Joyner, the founder of www.simpleology.com, and our clients and partners, both in America and Europe, are willing and available to provide references with regards to the quality, professionalism and expediency of conducting business with us. Here at Systrix, our primary goal to help you bring your dream for the future of your business to life.

As such, we offer free consulting sessions that help us understand your needs and tailor our services to meet your demands. Just let us know what can we do that would best suit your business needs, answer the demands and growth of your new venture or help you to continue the evolution of your established business. You won’t find a more dedicated team of professionals to devote their time and expertise to a solitary goal – You, your business, and your brand.

All the time, We are open to new ideas and are ready to create a unique solution for your business.


What makes Systrix different is our staff, a team of enthusiastic professionals who work tirelessly to help you build your business.


Our in-house software developers and project managers are brilliant specialists with the necessary technical skills and drive to bring any project to its best and most efficient conclusion, which allow us to model and offer tailored online solutions for any kind of business venture. Systrix’s Creative team is a group of talented people dedicated to shape any idea into a product that will communicate exactly what is needed, from web brochures, corporate animations and video presentations, digital magazines and publishing, to pdf documents, all you need to express your views and transform your ideas into comprehensible and attractive formats. We can provide design and content solutions for all types of web projects. Our team of writers can fulfill all the content needs our clients present us; news feeds, reviews, articles, tutorials, promotional video scripts and presentations, all the information needed to portray their message faithfully and successfully; while our amazing design team gives life to your visual ideas, from logos, merchandising, web design, mailing and every other design aspect. We are also experts in video production, corporate animation, promotional and marketing videos and scripts. We are devotedly engaged to the aesthetics of every object and the beautifully designed content of every project.


     In Systrix you can find wide range of services and products that will help you keep a thought out successfully and Business ma : Also, make it profitable . We take care to cover all positions and are ready to get started with your project. You just have to tell us what you think and then we will go

     We believe the best way to achieve success is teamwork , which is why we offer you our group of talented professionals who work day and night to make your dreams come true . We also have a lot of tools and expertise needed to carry out all the tasks proposed , including a range of technology services that facilitate the arduous task of implementing a project online business .

     Systrix has thought of every possible aspect involved in an online business , and that is why you will find a variety of processes for the various stages of the project. Some of them are as follows

  • Web Design

    Looking ahead , Systrix offers fully sensitive designs that fit any mobile platform …

  • Design UX / UI

    UI / UX is not just about getting good looks , but also to make them work properly …

  • Web Development

    In Systrix we have a team with extensive experience using a set of technical and technological ….

  • Web Hosting

    The web hosting is to make use of a remote computer (host ) , which is responsible for processing …

  • SEO / SEM / SMO

    The search engine optimization is an essential aspect in the development of any necessary exitoso …

  • Mobile Services

    In Systrix , we like to forget the limitations and dedicate ourselves to think big !


    A dedicated team ensures the success of your business project ….

  • Community Management

    The community management is directly related to the content and management of each site …

     We have these and many more products and services , just be sure to read about each of them and to know all the advantages of working with Systrix . If the service you are looking for is not listed it is not because we do not offer , we are just waiting for you request and we will adjust it to your needs .

      We are experts creating custom applications and pleasing our customers with fully adjustable to different preferences of each client services.In addition to services you will have products to facilitate the management , monitoring and tracking of your team , customized to simplify processes specific to your business applications, and if needed , you’ll also have the option of having a team dedicated to help you with your concerns or just with specific tasks .

     We evaluate the manner in which the new website will help you achieve your goals and focus on doing it the best way possible, bearing in mind a very important goal for any entrepreneur : to maximize the ROI of the project. We visualize the entire project not only from a design point of view , but also thinking about the main focus of the organization of our customers.

Visit our portfolio of satisfied clients and do not hesitate to ask for reference of our work. You wont’t be desappointed

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