• Web Development, Media Agency, Call Center Outsourcing
    Our creative team specializes in management of media solutions.
  • We have a wide range of experience in custom applications!
    From keyword research, competitive analysis, onsite optimization to managing content networks we are here to help you achieve your goals.
  • Our expertise is in Erlang , Python, PHP and Java
    System administration and migrations in all the main stream operating systems.
About Systrix
Systrix is a multi-faceted development company founded in 1999 by Karim Dahmani. Systrix was established to achieve one main goal; to provide low-cost and high-quality IT development services to our clients.

Systrix has extensive experience in working on the U.S. and European Information Technology markets. We have done business with such Internet marketing experts as Mark Joyner, the founder of www.Simpleology.com. Our clients and partners, both in the United States and Europe, are readily willing and available to provide references with regards to the quality, professionalism and expediency of conducting business with us. We are able to deliver a wide range of applications to our clients. One of our main goals is to provide personalized services to each of our clients.

Our priority is to provide services according to each client’s specific needs. Just let us know what services would best suit your business needs.
We offer free consultations to discuss the demands and growth of your new venture, or the continued development of your established business. You won't find a more dedicated team of professionals to devote their time and expertise to a solitary goal – you, the client, and your dream for the future of your business.

All times, We are open to new ideas and are ready to create a unique solution for your business.
Who are we?

Systrix’s Creative team is a group of talented people who are dedicated to provide design and content solutions for all the web projects our clients have in mind.

We can shape any idea into a product that will communicate exactly what is needed, from web brochures, corporate animations and video presentations, digital magazines and publishing, to pdf documents, all you need to express your views and transform the ideas into comprehensible and attractive formats.

Our team of writers can fulfill all the content needs our clients present us; news feeds, reviews, articles, tutorials, promotional video scripts and presentations and all the information needed to portray their message faithfully and successfully.

We also have an amazing design team that can give life to your visual ideas, from logos, merchandising, web design, mailing and every other design aspect. We are also experts in video production, corporate animation, promotional and marketing videos and scripts.

We are devotedly engaged to the aesthetics of every object and the beautifully designed content of every project.

Karim Dahmani
Chief Executive Officer

20+ years of extensive experience in IT operations and 15+ years experience in leadership roles, including project management, support, creative concepts...

C. Fernandez
Executive Director

Constantly learning and adapting, I seek the most benefitial and immediate solutions for every situation. Always in the quest to improve my work, environment and team.

M. Reyes
Project Management / HEAD IT

Education and training: Computer informatics engineer, graduated from the Universidad Fermin Toro and specialized in project management in the Universidad...

O. Jimenez
Programmer / Hacker

Informatics engineer, PHP expert and always on the way to new goals and knowledge. Along my career I’ve had the opportunity to give back a little of the opportunity...

R. Teran
Art Director

Specialized on UX and front-end design, my passion is the connection established among the space visited and those who visit it. Through my career I’ve been involved in different...

J. Da Silva

Visual mass communicator since 2007, passionate for my job, in the search to increase my knowledge. I‘m specialized in creating and maintaining corporate identities ...

N. Barroso
Voice Over

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E. Reyes
Web Developer

My name is E. Reyes. I joined the Systrix team as a web front-end developer. I specialize in mockups for websites, using HTML/CSS technologies and their implementations...

Y. Cruz
Programmer / Web Dev

I’ve over 5 years of experience in GIS/CAD data management, Spatial SupportDecisions System, Adaptive Business Intelligent, Spatial Data Mining, Remote...

I. Carmenates
Programmer / Web Dev

I’m a programmer and developer for Systrix LLC. I’ve been a devoted researcher and investigator my whole life. My thesis was about a Smart Activity Planning...

A. Jaspe
Web Developer

I’m A. Jaspe, developer in Systrix. I define myself as a Venezuelan, informatics engineer and videogame fanatic. Professionally I look for challenges in the...

I. Espinoza
Video Post

My experience with the handling of images, whether they are of an enterprise or animated, has allowed me to function as the production director, video producer...

C. Paparoni
Web Developer

My name is C. Paparoni and I work as a web back-end developer, here in Systrix. Presently, I’m presenting my thesis in System Engineering, majoring in computational...

A. Albano
Voice Over + Community Manager

I’m in my twenties. My career began around the year 2008, by the time I started working on a few live radio stations at Venezuela, as an announcer and producer...

A. Matheus

Writers I enjoy: Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, Dashiell Hamett, Jack Handey, Raymond Chandler, George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, Tenessee Williams, etc...

A. Gutierrez
Web Developer

Computer Sciences Licensed, from Venezuela. During my college years, I learned about solving technical problems and the management of computers. I also learned about...

R. Rodriguez
Cargo Aqui

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A. Gonzalez
Senior PHP developer

Hi, my name is A. González, and i work as Senior Php Developer, also i am training in erlang programming to colaborate in another projects in Systrix. Previously, I served...

G. Leon
Web Developer

My experience in Systrix as a web developer and programmer allows me to execute and deepen my technical and practical knowledge in Erlang, Chicago Boss...

R. Barrios
Web Developer

My name is R. Barrios. I‘m an easy going kind of guy, always open to new points of view. I like to be as objective as possible, in my professional and personal life...

Our services
What makes Systrix different is our team of professional and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to help you realize your business dream. With in-house software developers, copy writers, graphic designers and SEO experts, Systrix is able to offer tailored online solutions in all of the following areas:

eCustom Programming

We are proud to extend our custom programming and offshore software outsourcing services to all levels of clientèle, from businesses and end-user customers to other IT institutions. It is our pledge to deliver the highest quality product to each and every client.

_Search Engine Optimization

Today's complex search engine algorithms require a well structured search engine optimization strategy in the current market. We are able to provide an extremely fine tuned solution due to our many years of experience and research in this sector.

/Custom Software Design

Once a project has been specified and the requirements gathered, the next step is to translate those specifications into software components and subsystems which result in the deliverable. We have expertise in OOA/OOD as well as functional designs and architectures.

^Web Design & Media Agency

Our team is adept in the development of custom software applications. Web applications, in particular, may require a specific programming language for versatility, functionality and OS compatibility. We have expert programmers trained in a multitude of programming languages.

jCustom Content

We will still be there during the end phase of development, and right up until the final release of the client's product. With an expansive, global staff, we are able to provide 24/7 communications to ensure the client is 100% satisfied with the end product.

KCall Center Outsourcing

Systrix has positioned itself to provide high quality bilingual English and Spanish call centre outsourcing and to focus predominantly on the North, Central and South American markets. It is this approach that sets Systrix calls centers apart from the competition.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact our offices worldwide! Please reach out and a business representative will get back to you swiftly.
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